The Holidays

Hey Everybody!

I did write this blog post, but it’s on my NEW blog! It’s not as pimped out looking as this one, yet… ;D

You can check it out here!

All of my blog entries will now be posted here, don’t worry, I’m still running it so it’ll be the same Ramblings and Happenings in the life of me, Sammy! 😀

Hope to see you all there ;D



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One Response to The Holidays

  1. rich eichhorn says:

    I just found your blog, and I fell like I know you. Your beautiful, and equally nice. I would love to meet you, if your ever near the Jersey Shore, you have a place to stay. OMG can you imagine samuel Otoole in our guest room? Wellsorry about gushing, I just am in awe of you. My lover and I have been together for 30yrs, and I couldn’t take my eyes of your entertaing blog. Keep it up beautiful Man!

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