Is it possible? A dick overdose?

I know I said it felt like forever the last time I did a post, but now I’m feeling whatever is longer than forever. I hate making excuses, but I have been swamped lately! I’ve had a shoot a week for the past 3 weeks, been what seems constantly fixing my motorcycle so I can get around, and I’ve been trying to get ready for the new semester which starts on Monday! Which means I’ve missed giving you guys the whole behind the scenes of my scenes that have come out 😦

Well here I am to try and make up for it!

The last time I did a blog entry I told you all about the awesome time I had with Conner Habib doing the live show! I still can’t get over it! I had a blast getting down with Conner, and I definitely look forward to the next time he and I can work together again ;D

After that I had the opportunity to work with Massive Studios(@MassiveStudiosPR) and do a solo for them πŸ˜€ This was a fun one because not only did I get to film at Falcon Studios in San Francisco, but I was filmed and photographed by an amazing director! If you’re on Twitter, then you had the opportunity to see a couple of the photos that were taken. If not, don’t worry, I’ve got some for you right here ;D Now these aren’t photos from the actual scene, these are photos that were taken of me before the scene. It was probably 11 am in SF, and of course foggy, so there was a nice soft light coming through a window, so we took some photos using the natural light. You have got to see for yourself πŸ˜€

I personally love natural light photos for this reason, they look amazing! All the shadows and the lighting, I love em! Many thanks to Massive Studios for these amazing photos πŸ˜€

Right around this time I think my straight scene for came out! I did a scene with the beautiful Courtney Page (@xxxPage). Her and I hit it off the moment we started talking, she’s definitely a cool chick, and VERY horny lol We got to talking about the kind of porn that we like to watch and she confessed to me that gay porn is her favorite kind of porn to watch. She loves watching a guy suck another guy’s dick ;D

Personally, I love to hear about what turns people on. It may not always be something I’m into, but I get SUPER turned on by the other person getting turned on talking about what they like. I know, sick twisted little circle of sex drive, but I totally dig it lol

So talking to her was getting me all hot and bothered, I could not wait to fuck! If you watched that scene, then you know I fucked her pretty damn hard lol We got to almost the end of the shoot and we still hadn’t decided on a cum shot. Now I was feeling pretty darn frisky, and pretty fucking dirty too. I wanted to do something crazy for the cum shot! I had already eaten my cum in a scene by this time, yes, I ate some of my cum in a scene. It hasn’t “cum” out yet, but when it does I’ve got a story for you guys ;D

Anyways, so I wanted to do something crazy! So dirty little secret time, I love cumshots, and I love cream pies. They are some of my favorite porn to jerk off to! I had always thought it was SUPER hot when a guy would eat his cum after busting a nut in a girl’s pussy, and I had only done it once before so I figured “Why not?” So I threw it out there, she was down and I could tell she was into it when she started to get super wet! There I am pounding the life out of this poor girls pussy, and I blew my load DEEP in her pussy! I got face first in that cream pie and licked out every drop of my cum, that was jerk off material for me for a good week! lol

This next photo doesn’t have any real significance except for this “Look Ma! No hands!”

I know, I’m a fucking goofball, literally. lol

Now this week, the same thing happened! I was extended the opportunity to do a shoot with JetSetMen by one of the nicest persons I have ever had the opportunity to meet in or out of porn Rob Romoni (@robromoni). Rob is SUCH a sweet guy, funny, and a blast to be around πŸ˜€ He seems to be always having fun, which is something I myself always strive for. I really liked the way that JetSetMen’s photos looked, and I knew that Anthony Duran (@anthony_duran) did their photos. Anthony did the photos and video for the scene I did with Sean Stavos πŸ˜€ So of course I said yes! I was looking forward to another opportunity to work with him, the three of us had a blast making that scene! I soon found out that the director from Massive Studios would also be working on this scene as well. It was gonna be a happy little porn reunion lol

Now, I can’t tell you guys exactly what happens in the scene since it hasn’t even come out yet, but I’d be more than happy to post some pics that JetSet released. I got to work with a super sweet guy named Perry Pierce, or Perice, I’m not too sure anymore. He said Pierce, but it’s spelled Perice on just about all the other blogs. I dunno, but anyways, Perry was awesome! Poor guy was so nervous, it was really kinda cute though. He kept talking, and thought he kept screwing up, but it just wasn’t the case. He did great! πŸ˜€ I had fun working with him, and I have a good feeling about the scene πŸ˜€

Looks like a Calvin Klein underwear ad ;D

Perry Pierce, or Perry Perice, I’m sure we’ll get it figured out soon lol

I had a RAGING hard on in this photo, so my ass in the air is for partial aesthetics and partial comfort lol

So the day I get back from LA, my 3 way with Josh Slyman, and Nikko comes out with NextDoorBuddies! You want dick? You get lots of dick with me, Nikko, and Josh Slyman who can fuck himself with his own dick! I HAD to watch his solo! It’s not everyday you see someone who can pull that off ;D It was sooo hot!

Nikko is one funny guy πŸ˜€ He had us cracking up the whole time! If you’ve got a fetish for big nuts, Nikko has got the nuts for you! You gotta check that package out ;D

This was a fun scene because we got to get a train going when we were fucking. It’s not the easiest way, but definitely fun to do πŸ˜€ I have a bad habit of getting carried away when I’m fucking, and just start pounding away ;D Which actually ended up working pretty well, me fucking Josh would push him deeper Β into Nikko. Damn, getting a hard on writing about this! Might have to use my new fleshlight again πŸ˜€ I love my fleshlight! That thing is awesome, it’s actually my first sex toy ever!

Damn, the ramblings and happenings of Samuel O’toole. It’s actually a disclaimer lol Back to the scene, so there I am fucking away and having a blast when all of a sudden I hear “Oh! Oooohhhh! Thud!” and I turn around and look to see our videographer on his back with his feet up in the air and holding onto the camera for dear life! Β Well, not dear life, but he did make quite an awesome save though lol Poor guy had been standing on the bed and taken a step back into thin air 😦 Luckily he and the camera were fine, and we got back to the fucking and finished an awesome scene. The cum shots in this scene are pretty awesome too πŸ˜€

Well, that’s everything so far! I think we have a winner for Pose Sammy’s Toole ;D Props to @IamPhobos for the popular choice! As always I hope you all enjoy these scenes as much as I enjoyed making them ;D

Happy Jerking!


P.S. Looking into making a video of me and my new fleshlight for you all ;D

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8 Responses to Is it possible? A dick overdose?

  1. IamPhobos says:

    Man, that is so cool.

    I’m so happy you having such a good time and that you are bring us along with you. And don’t worry about quantity; it’s quality which matters. ;D

    Take care and keep safe.

    IamPhobos (formerly MasterSirD)

    And Yea I Win!!!!! πŸ™‚

  2. curve says:

    Wow I can’t wait for all the new sconces coming up! The three way looks really hot! I’m just a little on the fence about the scene, I really enjoy bi and straight scenes but usually prefer to with the ones on Next Dorr Hook ups. And the reason for that is they aren’t condom less, and I know there is the whole thing about stricter testing for straight porn then for gay porn I just prefer safe sex. But it it’s really tempting to watch you eat your own cum :~)

  3. Letsdrinkbeer says:

    Thanks for the update. Love reading about your escapades The three way was hot!!! I’ve watched it two or three times already. LOL. You got nice everything man. Your balls look yummy. Love when you feeding your cock to the guys n you push their head all the way down on it. Thanks for being a stud!

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  5. Tball says:

    Your enthusiasm in your SG4GE scene is infectious — um, I may have watched that a good half dozen times by now. Thanks for the behind-the-scenes scoop! =)

  6. Anthony Duran says:

    love the blog. xoxo

  7. Rory says:


    I’m curious about something. I consider myself a fan and I follow your blog. You’ve said that if you had to label your sexuality you’d say bi, but you don’t like to label your sexuality. If you do fall into the bisexual mold, why is it you don’t suck dick in your videos?

    Are you just into guys on screen? Or do you consider yourself truly “bisexual”? I mean, could you ever see yourself in love with a guy, like you fall for women.

    TIA, Rory

  8. brad says:

    Yo buddy, love the blog. It’s pretty cool getting a glimpse into what your porn life is like. I saw your interview with the JetSet guys and it’s great to know that you’re finding time for school. I’m a recent grad working in finance in SF (born and bred in the EB), we should chill some time and grab a beer. Promise not to murder you or anything πŸ™‚

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