Recap Conner Habib and Samuel O’toole

I can’t believe I survived that! Wow! So last night was quite the experience. A drive that normally takes less than an hour, turned into an hour and a half long 10-20 mph traffic. Needless to say I get to the point where I’m like two blocks from the studio, shitting a metaphorical brick, and gripping the steering wheel so hard I was afraid I was going to snap the little thing. I have no idea what the studio looks like, so as soon as I notice I’m within two buildings of it I parallel parked like nobodies business. I can park an ambulance in a butt crack, yes, a butt crack. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I really do, I was bad ass with an ambulance.

But anyways, running off on tangents again. Sprint to the front door of the studio, scribbled my info. like a 6 year old on all the paperwork, and rushed on upstairs. I was so nervous by the time we got to where the whole set up was, it was like fucking someone for the first time so you psych yourself out because you’re thinking too hard about performing good and keeping a hard on, so of course your dick says “Fuck You! I can’t work under these conditions!” and goes all flaccid. Yeah, I was FREAKING OUT!

Sure I’ve done porn, and I’ve even had sex while a room full of people watch. But for some reason this time was different. Luckily enough though I started to loosen up, relax, and have some damn good sex!

I was a little worried at first, because we only had an hour to talk a bit and then get some sex and cum in. That’s not that long! I’m a marathon fucker. I’m one of those guys where if you don’t tell me you want me to cum between an hour to an hour and a half, I’ll fuck you for six hours straight with maybe one or two water breaks…. and then cum. Then I usually try to fuck again in the morning, but if it’s the first time, they never let me in. If they don’t leave walking funny, I didn’t do my job.

So, we didn’t get to fuck a bit before the show either. That was live breaking in of Conner Habib’s ass and Samuel O’toole’s cock. His ass was sooo tight, it literally squeezed the blood out of my dick the first time we fucked. But it felt so damn good 😀

Now, I’ve only sucked dick a couple of times, and never in front of a camera. Till last night. So if you weren’t watching, I’m sorry but you totally missed out. It actually happened a couple of times! First we 69’d on my request ;D I love 69, guy or girl, doesn’t matter. Then we fucked a bit more, where Conner sat on my dick and bounced up and down and jerked off till he came. It was pretty damn hot! I had to lean around and take a peek a couple of times! It got everywhere! On his legs, my  legs, the bed, everywhere! lol When he was cumming my dick got rock hard, deep in his ass! It felt soooo good! If we had fucked some more after that, I would have totally came from fucking him!

We finished it off with me jerking off and us kissing, and then I sucked his dick a little more while I jerked off, but then I had to stand up. I can’t cum from bending over or anything like that. I find it hard to cum while I’m sitting lol  I’m one of those weird people who has to really get their hips out there and flex their legs and what not. So I end up standing up and jerking off while we kiss, and then I get close, so I get shakey. I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but I’m a shaker. Closet to cumming, cumming, and afterglow, I’m shaking my ass off. I can’t help it lol It just feels so damn good when I cum, my body pretty much overloads! I’ve got a friend that when he cums, he is all over the place! Head side to side, moaning, it’s fucking intense! It makes me jealous! I wish I could feel what he’s feeling! lol

Didn’t get the cumshot I wanted either 😦 Kind of a dribbler that time, I like shooting it better 😀

But all in all it was a blast! I got alot of great feedback on twitter from everyone, thank you all very much for that! I got that first show out of the way, and feel much better about the idea of performing live shows 😀  I’ve always wanted to perform in a live sex show, like at a restaurant or something. I think it’d be crazy! Forget go-go dancing! Any restaurants wanna hire me to fuck in a live show? lol But go-go dancing still seems like it’d be fun 😀

Anyways, alot of tangents in this one. Here is a photo of Conner and I right after we finished the show! Still all sweaty and cummy ;D

Once again, I hope you all enjoy this as much as I had making it!


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9 Responses to Recap Conner Habib and Samuel O’toole

  1. Landon says:

    Tell us more about the time you had sex in front of a room full of people that you referenced early on in the post!

  2. Tball says:

    I am grinning over your reference to taking a peek while Conner was reverse cowboying you — because I saw you doing just that, and thought to myself, “That is so damn cute!” Heh.

    Mason Wyler performed a few live webcam shows recently from his place. Maybe Next Door Studios could be persuaded to grant you the same opportunity? I think you’re a natural: engaging and funny for the pre-j/o chat with the fans, and decidedly equipped for the whip-it-out-and-rub-it out segment. And you could have guests. Of either sex. Just sayin’. =)

  3. Fliss says:

    Wow Sammy –
    what a sexy man you are !!!

    I love the blog, great pix. I wish you lots of luck, happiness and love,
    I’ll check back soon to catch up –
    I guess, that makes me your newest fan !
    Good luck – I’ll be watching !

  4. ali bronxs says:

    i am really luv u………..because u..r….so…sexxyyy

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  7. Mick says:

    Well, ur certainly becoming a big star fast. Don’t forget us little guys when u get to the top. Or ur fave photog. Lol

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