I’m Ridin’ Solo

Feels like forever since I’ve done a blog post! Would’ve gotten this one to you all sooner, but my e-mail randomly decided to put my newsletter from @JakeCruise in my spam folder! No bueno 😦 So I’m way behind everyone else on talking about my two latest scenes out! Well, time to play ketchup ;D

As the title says, I’m Ridin’ Solo, I’ve got that song stuck in my head so I’m actually listening to Dirty Talk by Wynter Gordon and David Guetta. I love songs with some bumpin’ bass πŸ˜€ But anyways, back to me jerking off ;D

This was my first outdoor scene, and only my second solo! So I hope it works well for everybody, there’s a funny little story behind the cumshot too ;D

So here we were, I say we because I was out there with the AWESOME Jasun Mark (@jasunmark)! I think I already told you guys about his blog gaydailyhot.com, you should definitely check it out, along with his videos “Shut Up Jasun”, they are hilarious! But yes, outside in the beautiful Burbank hills, I was totally enjoying myself that day, got down with the beautiful Courtney Page(@xxxpage) earlier and now to play with myself ;D Solos are pretty straight forward, play with myself and get off lol

So there I am on this big ass deck chair thing, totally wanted to get one after this lol, flexing, touching myself, and just plain showing off πŸ˜€

I know, I get naked fast ;D Now, when I jerk off, I have a hard time of staying focused on the fact that there’s a camera there and that people are going to be watching. I just end up closing my eyes, forgetting about the world, and start jerking it lol So I’m out there, eyes closed oblivious to a camera in my face and crotch watching me got at it lol Except for a couple times, some pesky flies wanted to get in on the action and would land on me, totally tripping me out lol All in all though, I had fun πŸ˜€ I mean, why wouldn’t I?

So, obviously I’m an exhibitionsit, but I still get embarassed lol I almost didn’t post this photo, I keep looking at my face thinking “That’s such a cheesey face!” but then again, I totally like watching people have sex and I think the random funny faces we make are hot because that’s when you’re totally into it. Your body and mind are enveloped in the ecstasy, and you just don’t give a fuck what your face looks like lol So here it is ;D

So, I was kinda teasing all you with the foot fetishes with my sandy feet photo, it’s honestly the only photo of my feet I have, till now! I was never told that I have nice feet till I started doing porn, so they’ve never really been something I’ve been into showing. But they got some photos of them for you all when I was down there shooting. I think you guys will like this one better πŸ˜€

You don’t quite get the sand in your mouth feeling when you look at this photo πŸ˜€

I was so close to cumming pretty much the whole scene! I was going ape shit in my head about the planned cumshot ;D Today was a dirty day for me, I had already eaten my cum out of Courtney Page’s pussy ;D, so I was going to try and cum on my mouth for this one. So if you notice me make a weird little hop in the video before I cum on my stomach, just know what it should’ve been! I get SUPER turned on when I think about my dick being so close to my mouth. I actually used to be able to suck my own dick! I got really self concious about it when I was younger, and stopped doing it 😦 I kick myself all the time for stopping. I’ve been doing some stretches, but I just can’t seem to get there again.

So, being outside in Burbank it was a nice warm day, which made my balls SUPER saggy lol It’s all good though, keeps them out of the way and gives me a little something extra to tug on ;D

I had a blast down in Burbank with Jake Cruise and the whole crew there, they’ve got a super nice group working to make some great films. I hope you all enjoy this scene as much as I enjoyed touching myself in it ;D Try not to think about me cumming in my face till the end, otherwise you might cum too early, I usually do when I think of itΒ lol

I’ll get a post up about my scene with Courtney Page sometime this week, and give you all some more hot porn to look at ;D In the mean time, keep jerking off, and leaving me awesome comments! I really appreciate them, and read every one of them!


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  1. Master SirD says:

    Fuck…..I’d live in that ass…..great shoot….

  2. GC says:

    Awesome post, awesome pictures — you are so unbelievably hot, and your blogposts are always so well written, so engaging and so entertaining! Man, i luv ya!

  3. ... says:

    how old are you? Just curious.

  4. Ttotter says:

    The new pictures amazing simply amazing I really think I just creamed lol!!

  5. nelson says:


  6. ThomBoleyn says:

    I loved that scene and I love your blog!! You are not only gorgeous and a wet dream come to life but funny smart and insightful!
    Keep it up!!

  7. Dawoof says:

    Damn Sammy. I can’t get enuff of you Keep it up studpup

  8. ali bronxs says:

    Samm u r……verry hot…..i wanna fuck with u…………

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