NorCal Beach Trip

Ahhhhh, The Beach. Nice soft sand, warm 80 degree water, perfect sets, and the sun is shining down on you. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Well, nice if you’re in Southern California.

The beaches in Northern California are a little different lol so we’ve still got water, and we’ve still got sand, except for a few key differences. The sun isn’t always shining at the beach, in fact it’s pretty damn foggy quite often. I’m sure you’ve noticed me blabbering on twitter about how the beach is foggy on certain days. The crazy thing too, is you can see the fog as you drive out to the beach, it’s like a movie, you’re driving on little back roads through the hills and WHOOOSH! Into the grey fog with no sun, and the visibility is maybe 50 ft.

But that’s not the only thing that’s different about the beaches up here, in fact we’re technically polar opposites. I think if the water was 80 degrees up here, it’d definitely be a sign of the apocalypse lol The warmest I’ve seen the water up here is probably around 60 degrees, when I go diving for abalone it’s usually mid 40’s to mid 50’s! That’s also what makes us shark territory, is our freezing water πŸ˜€ I personally have never seen a shark in the ocean when I’m diving *knock on wood* but we are supposed to have a pretty good Great White Shark population by where I dive. Now I’m not saying the water is more dangerous up here, the ocean can be dangerous everywhere, just a different type of dangerous than where I’m at.

Now back to the actual beach, the sand of the beach. I grew up in So Cal when I was a little kid, so I’m familiar with the beaches with their soft yellow/white sand, granules so small you barely even see them. Ummm, yeah, not quite up here either lol The geography is pretty different up here, so we don’t really have nice yellow sand. We’ve got a grayish blackish colored sand, that would be more appropriately called small pebbles than sand. It’s really at that in between point on some of the beaches lol

As for the beach going population, it’s pretty slim compared to So Cal. We can’t see a road from some of our beaches, so you have to be willing to hike a bit sometimes. Which makes for some pretty good beach trips!

So when James Jamesson and I went to the beach the other day, we had high hopes for a sunny day, and no people. We got one out of two. It seems that some people don’t know that James Jamesson and I are actually pretty good friends. He and I met through porn, but soon learned that we share some mutual friends outside of porn as well. It has made porn and life alot easier and fun to have a friend living ten minutes away who understands why and what you are doing, and is willing to help you take naked photos of yourself. Now that’s true friendship lol So yes, James Jamesson and I ended up taking off to the beach.

We tried to be serious in quite a few, but we’re two goofballs when we’re together so some of the photos just didn’t quite come out as well as we wanted πŸ˜€ Β The wait is over! Sammy and James Beach Day!

Now I had scouted out the beach the day before to see what it should have been like the next day. It was foggy and nobody was there at like Noon. We get there at like 10 o’clock and it’s sunny out, and tons of people! Little kids running around, a bunch of teenagers giving us dirty looks for posing and taking photos. Kind of a nightmare lol But we still had a blast!

Now, James and I hadn’t had the opportunity yet to get some good photos of him to post on his face book and send in to studios, so that’s kind of what the general plan was for today.

Now I don’t know if you all are fans of Mr. Jamesson, but this guy is ripped! Him and I work out together all the time, and man oh man, you should see this guy in the gym! Veins everywhere! That shit is insane! But anyways, back to the beach lol So we were able to get some great photos(for me) for him to use. Check em’ out ;D

Soon it was my turn, and we’re already laughing our asses off by this time! We were almost caught with him in some compromising positions. No we weren’t having sex, I jokingly told him to get doggy style and play with his ass, and right as he mocks me by mooning me, a little kid goes running by and immediately stops when he sees his ass lol

So, I’m a little lost on the foot fetish thing. It doesn’t turn me on, but I am more than willing to oblige. You want to look at my feet or suck on my toes, go for it πŸ˜€ I don’t think you’re going to want to suck on these toes though.

I didn’t realize that James didn’t know how to work my camera until a few shots in and he asks me how to zoom in. So some of my photo are nice wide open shots with plenty of background πŸ˜€ But hey, I didn’t have to set up a tri pod, and use the timer, so I’m happy lol

By this time we’re both acting like complete goof balls, and the situation has no seriousness left in it.

I’m not even sure if I should even bother trying to narrate some of it lol It’s really just going to come down to, having fun taking photos with a buddy, and somehow we got a couple of good photos out of it πŸ˜€

I don’t think I’ve posted any photos of my back for you guys, and I think that it’s one of the better parts of my body, besides my dick ;D

Now, these next few photos are quite embarrassing. When I was a kid, and when I’m drunk at the beach, I like to run from the waves as they come in. I know, corny for an adult to be doing it, but it’s kinda hard when you’re drunk. You usually end up soaked πŸ˜€

So here I am standing in anticipation, which strangely enough feels like really cold water. Oh wait, it is.

And now here I am looking like a complete fool as I go running from the water like a scared little school girl, minus the pig tails and skirt.

So after a few minutes of trying to take serious photos of us posing, it soon turned into this, me running from waves and a few other random shit lol I busted out a couple of hand stands, and we found some rocks to climb and potentially fall off of and kill or maim ourselves πŸ˜€ Naw, I’m just kidding. The rocks weren’t that tall ;D

I swear, I can do handstands better than this! On a good day I can even do handstand pushups, but the only photo that turned out with my face in it was this one lol

Now I know I look like Stallone in Cliff Hanger in this photo, but it’s not that high up ;D and climbing those rocks bare foot HURT!

All in all I had a blast at the beach with my good friend in and out of porn, the hottest red head you jerk off to, James Jamesson! I hope you all enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed taking them! I know they’re not like some of the last self photos I had taken, believe me I would’ve loved to have been able to do some nude photos for you guys, but we really only got one.

So enjoy you’re weekend, be safe, and don’t jerk off too much! When you don’t remember what day it is, you’re jerking off too much! Unless you’re jerking off to me, then keep at it and let Β me know how much you like it πŸ˜€

Catch you all later!


P.S. I should have the poll up today! I just gotta try and find a motorcycle shop open on a Saturday! My fork seals are leaking, and it’s my only mode of transportation right now. Don’t worry, you’ll get some dirty motorcycle pics ;D

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10 Responses to NorCal Beach Trip

  1. macei says:

    I love you and your work! Even more so your blog!! It’s so amazing to see a personality and brains to you!! Keep it up… In more ways than one!!

  2. GC says:

    Awesome pics Sammy!!! Love u and James together…did u guys ever shoot a scene together?

    • We haven’t done any scenes together, yet… It’s becoming a highly requested scene after everyone has seen us together lol It was suggested the other day, so we’ll see what happens πŸ˜€

  3. curve says:

    Great pics of you and James!

  4. Mike says:

    Great update! I echo what another commenter said, you guys should do a scene together. Pix were sexy! Great blog, btw!

  5. Paolo says:

    Hey Samuel kisses from Italy

  6. Master SirD says:

    So much fun and very sexy.

    I agree with Mike, it would be so hot to see you two go at it. You connect so well that it would be picked up by any studio worth it’s salt.

    Keep up the good work.

    Sir D

  7. Tball says:

    Well, what can I say? Another totally engaging blog entry — and I got a real kick out of all the photos. You and James clearly have a fun friendship. You took some very good photos of him — the close up is particularly nice.

    I’ve had a foot fetish for years, and you’ve got a nice pair of feet, actually. Not that I’d want to lick sand off them, ha! =)

  8. Dawoof says:

    Wow Its so great that you are doing a blog. Besides being so damn hot, your sparkling personality comes thru and makes you even more appealing and sexier if that is possible keep it up Sam

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