Hey there!

So I know I said I’d do a blog post, but this isn’t the one I wanted to do. Doing this one from my iPod, so it’s gonna be short. I’m definitely going to do a real one tomorrow! I pinky promise! In the mean time I want to thank everybody for their support and their very nice comments! I’m flattered that you all like me enough to actually read my blog, and I’m even more surprised that you all like what I write about lol. I’ve gotten some great suggestions for the poll so I should be able to get that up tomorrow as well 🙂

Catch you all later!


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One Response to Hey there!

  1. ken says:

    hi samuel
    you are hot man! wish i was in san fran to intice you into my bedroom.
    if you get to toronto, please let me know: kreid@impressionnewmedia.com.
    you’re hot!

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