Get Ready!

Hey everybody!

So, I’m about to head to a meeting for my personal training job, should be out of that at about 1:00, and then I’m gonna get you guys a sneak peek at the new scene I did with Sean Stavos and!

You guys are gonna dig this one! It was hot! This guy has some amazing eyes, and such a good kisser! Focus, focus! Started to get a chubby going ;D

Aside from that, I’m gonna try and find some more locations for some photos. Gotta find some places where I won’t get caught naked lol I wish getting caught naked ended like a porno 😀

In the mean time, enjoy the cum blizzard ;D

It's everywhere! 😀

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7 Responses to Get Ready!

  1. Tball says:

    I met Sean a couple of weeks ago when he did a personal appearance at a bar in West Hollywood. Such a personable guy, great attitude, nice voice, and of course that slammin’ body! I love his body hair.

    I just need to join Cocksuremen so I can see the complete scene. =)

  2. chris says:

    Sean is sooo sexy. And yes, he did “Cocktails with the Stars” 2 weeks ago!!

  3. chris says:

    Sean is soo sexy! And yes, he did “Cocktails with the Stars” two weeks ago and was a hit!!

  4. I’m definitely hoping to make it out! “Cocktails with the Stars” sounds like a blast!

  5. will says:

    Just curious — Will you bottom on film? Do you ever bottom?

    • I don’t know if I’ll ever bottom on film, I can’t really give a definitive answer. I’ve yet to try it in my personal life, and I don’t do things on film that I’m not willing to do in my personal life. I’m still young though, I’ve got time to try a lot of things out ;D

      • will says:

        No worries. I was just curious. BTW, I saw you mention somewhere else that you are short. (I tend to go for guys shorter than me — I am 5’11.) How tall are you?

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