Dick or Coffee?

Finally! I finally got a couple of photos together for you guys to check out! First I want to say that I took all these myself, on a timer. So it was alot of me running from camera to spot, camera to spot, and camera to spot. So they are by no means professional photos or anything like what you’re going to see on the sites. I do hope you guys enjoy them though!

As for the video, I’m not quite satisfied with what I have yet. I figured I’d record as much of the random, and interesting to some, shit that I do and make a compilation or whatever. I really have no idea what I’m going for with it right now, but I’ll figure it out ;D

I started off outside, but like I said the landscaper was there, so I wasn’t able to get into my birthday suit for you all and try for some outdoor photos. I really wanted to use the pool! Pool sex, HOT! lol Sitting in a cafe right now wiggling in my seat, trying to adjust my boner. Oh yes, pool sex. Oh sorry, random tangent lol

Unfortunately, not many of the ones outside came out all that great, but here’s my favorite out of those!

The landscaper started to get a little too close, and I wasn’t really looking for an awkward moment, so I decided to bring the operation indoors. The photos came out a little better, but I was having trouble deciding between flash and natural lighting. So there’s a couple of each, I did mess with the coloring of the photos a bit. I washed myself out in a couple of the photos, so I tried to bring them back to life. Worked in a couple of them lol

Now, I’m a pretty goofy person. I like to joke around and have fun, especially when I’m naked. So just a little question for everybody.

What’s the first thing you grab in the morning, dick or coffee?

Dick or Coffee?

I’ve got a photo from a dive trip that exemplifies my goofballness, totally not a word. It’s definitely a crack up, I just gotta find it first.

Almost as soon as I changed the background on my Twitter, I was asked where someone could get a larger version of it. It’s another photo from this day, and REALLY dark. Hey, it’s a background photo lol

I hope you all enjoy the photos, I had a blast taking them and playing around with them. Let me know what you’d like to see next, any kind of specific setting?

Oh! Heads up to everyone who actually reads this far down ;D Got a new scene coming out on CockSureMen.com on Friday! This was such a fun scene to shoot. Sean is an awesome guy and VERY passionate, lots of kissing ;D

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6 Responses to Dick or Coffee?

  1. Noche de Oscar says:

    WOW, just wow…not only are u a great model but a great photographer did u ever take classes? Thanks for being so intimate with ur fans…

  2. Noche de Oscar says:

    Never has coffee ever look so good MMmmmm………i’ll take two please..lol

  3. chris says:

    Very sexy!!! Hope you still wanna do “Cocktails with the Stars”!!!

  4. I took a photography class in high school, but that’s the extent of my photography training. Thinking about taking a class to try and learn more, my camera performs well beyond my capabilities. Gotta take some time to figure it out lol

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  6. flights rhodes says:

    ahhhhhh very good, bookmarked 🙂 keep it up, JusyKassy. http://www.flightsrhodes.org

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