The Surreal Life

Never in my life. Never would I have believed you if you told me that I was going to be a porn star. Being a porn star has been an odd childhood dream of mine since the first time I realized that people had sex on film for money. But like most people, I was letting myself hold me back from my dream.

I am of *cough* average height, no, no not really. I’m actually kinda short, and I figured that being short would cause me to be shunned from cameras if I ever tried to pursue any kind of modeling job. I never thought that I was good looking enough, or even had a big enough dick.

As it turns out, I was told that short people like myself tend to look the best in photos. I’m not too sure what they mean by that, I think it may be we look more proportional or that we look more aesthetically pleasing in the framing of a shot. Hey, I’m not worried about why, I’m just glad that being short is a good thing besides the fact that I can sit in any backseat and be comfortable and flight attendants love me because I never complain about leg room.

And I think we all know about my cock now. I was always under the impression that you had to have a long dick to have a big dick, and it turns out I’m semi long, and pretty damn girthy too 😀  The real affirmation for me was when I held my first dick in my hand. “Hey! I can get my hand around this way easier than mine! That’s weird. Hey! Mine’s a little bit longer. Holy Shit! I have a big dick!” Yeah, that’s pretty much what happened, of course it happened in my inner monologue. I think it would have been pretty rude otherwise.

So all of a sudden, I’m doing porn. I still can’t believe it! It seems like 6 months ago I was just another random guy in good shape, trying to make ends meet and bust my ass through college. And now BAM! My life has been kicked up a notch(Emeril reference) and I’ve got a blog that people actually look at…sometimes….on occasion….I think, I dunno, there’s some little graph that tells me people look at it, and I’ve got 2 whole comments on my first post 😀  But anyways, I’ve got a blog, I’ve got a twitter(which I thought I would cut off my left arm before I got), I get to meet all kinds of awesome models and photographers, producers, directors, and studio owners. It’s fucking awesome!

This is why I am in my own surreal life right now. There have been so many amazing and great things that have happened to me so far because of porn, and never have I ever felt that I have had so much potential to be more. Look out world! I’m a porn star on a mission for world domination! Well, domination isn’t entirely my thing, but I’ll try it out for a bit.

Basically what I’m saying is thank you. Thank you to everyone who believes that I have potential to be successful in the porn industry. Thank you to the people who have left me comments on facebook, twitter, and wordpress. Thank you to all of you who have directly and indirectly helped me to reach the level that I’m at now. Every day I wake up, I expect the dream to be over, but when I wake up the dream only gets better 😀

Oh, I’m going to be removing my previous post because I’m pretty sure it’s too over the top and I don’t want my blog deleted like my facebook was.

So I’m leaving you all with a PG-13 photo in the mean time ;D

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3 Responses to The Surreal Life

  1. Jonny Inheat says:

    That’s a great post Sammy! I think I must be your biggest fan, given that I was one of the people you refer to as leaving a previous comment. Love your attitude and that you are sooooo super sexy — whew. Can’t wait to see what comes next….. enjoy yourself!

  2. Tim says:

    Today is they day I discovered you, an damn, tiger, you are delicious. I am glad you are smiling and loving life. Keep that joy cumming, son.

  3. Tball says:

    You’re doing a swell job with the blog and Twitter. Keep up the good work both here and onscreen, big fella! =)

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