New Home! :D

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We Have Lift Off!!!

Read my latest blog post at my new blog on my site!

The official launch blog post!

Oh, and I’ll be back on Twitter soon!

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Showing the Ropes

Hey Everybody!

Another fine blog post for you all ;D

If you haven’t yet, bookmark and subscribe the NEW home of my blog!

You can check out my lates blog posting “Showing the Ropes” there!

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The Holidays

Hey Everybody!

I did write this blog post, but it’s on my NEW blog! It’s not as pimped out looking as this one, yet… ;D

You can check it out here!

All of my blog entries will now be posted here, don’t worry, I’m still running it so it’ll be the same Ramblings and Happenings in the life of me, Sammy! 😀

Hope to see you all there ;D



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Don’t worry!!! I’m not retiring ;D I think it’d be a little too early for me to retire lol I haven’t even been doing porn for a year! In fact, that’s what makes the news I’m about to tell you even more amazing and unthinkable!!! The complete opposite of retiring!!!

Yesterday I was given the final go ahead to tell you all about some big things that have been in the works for a few months now 😀

As I’m sure most of you have read, NextDoor Studios has picked up a few porn stars offering them contracts. Austin Wilde, Rod Daily, and Marcus Mojo have all mentioned in their blogs or via twitter that they are involved in these negotiations with NextDoor Studios, and it’s true!!! I just kept the secret longer than the others ;D

I too have signed this contract with NextDoor Studios! I think the new twitter background may have given it away ;D But like I said, I’ve been doing porn for less than a year!!! I’m thrilled, and honored to be partaking in such a great opportunity! In my first real blog post, The Surreal Life, I talked about how it was surreal to be doing porn in the first place, and even more so that I was doing remotely well! Now here I am, with an exclusive contract and a website on the way!

That’s right! My very own website!!! It’ll be on the NextDoor Studios network with Cody Cummings, Mason Wyler, and soon to be Trystan Bull, Rod Daily, Marcus Mojo, and Austin Wilde.

I’m super excited with the things we’re going to be doing with the website! You will all have some pretty cool things to look forward to as well! Live Web Cam shows, my new blog, never before seen content, and much more!

I’m ecstatic about the website launching soon! The official launch date is scheduled to be late November, early December. But like anything that happens in this industry, it’s not because of the things that I do it’s because of my fans! With such an awesome following of fans, and your desire to view my scenes, I was given this opportunity to do something more and amazing with my career in the porn industry. I owe it all to you guys!

I wish it were possible for me to thank you all individually, but I guess I’ll have to do so in continuing to put my best effort into all of my scenes and make some damn HOT jerk off material for you all to watch!!! This next year is for all of you!!! Thank you so much! ;D

It’s crazy stuff, going from an average guy falling into porn to an average guy thriving in the industry with his very own website on the way. I can’t wait for you all to join me in this awesome experience!!!

Happy Jerking!!!


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Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween Everybody!

I have to say that one of my biggest pet peeves is when a holiday or a date I’m looking forward to falls on a day that doesn’t allow for any recuperation time. Exactly like how Halloween is on a Sunday to day. I would love to go out and party and have a blast all dressed up, but I’ve got school bright and early Monday morning. Not going to class tomorrow is sounding better and better ;D

Anyways lol I wanted to say Happy Halloween to everyone and I hope you’re enjoying this frightfully delightful weekend, and I hope you enjoyed the vampire scene that Marcus Mojo and I did for NextDoor Studios!!! 😀

So the Halloween scene wasn’t even planned until during a shoot, and was basically decided in a night lol We had all originally done some vampire photos for promotional content, the vampire desktop backgrounds and what not. I missed the photos that day because a scene I was in was running a little late. So the next day when we were doing the photos it was just me. Well, they didn’t want just me in the photos so they had Jay Cloud and I do the photos together, which inspired the whole vampire scene! They liked the promo photos so much they decided that night that the next day Marcus Mojo and I would do a vampire scene together 😀

I was super excited about this, I thought it was going to be awesome, until I realized they wanted to keep me in that silver shirt and the cape ;D Now, they’re not that bad, but they are pretty cheesy lol

Maybe just a bit over the top? lol

But regardless of the goofy costume, I had a blast! I mean who wouldn’t with a naked Marcus Mojo in front of them? You’d have to be crazy! This guy is a stud! He’s built, amazing abs, and gorgeous blue eyes!

Not only does Marcus Mojo look damn sexy, he is an awesome bottom!!! This guy can fuck! By far on of my favorite scene partners to date!

The scene was cool because we finally used my motorcycle in a scene lol and I got to change Marcus Mojo into a vampire! Humans and their weak bodies, I would’ve killed him if I had fucked him before I turned him ;D

All in all this scene was a blast to make due to an amazing and handsome scene partner, and the fun and entertainment we get to put into the scenes we make with NextDoor Studios!

I hope you all enjoy this scene as much as I enjoyed making it! Happy Halloween! and Happy Jerking ;D


P.S. I have got some BIG news for you guys soon!!!!

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Quite A Difference

It has been roughly 6 or 7  months since my very first scene ever debuted on NextDoor Male. Ewww, this coffe sucks 😦 Sorry, writing this at a cafe right now. But anyways, 7 months! A lot has happened to me in the 9 months that I’ve been doing porn. I know, it’s really not that long compared to a lot of the other people in porn.

So my first solo…. I can’t help but do the typical chuckle and look up and stare off into the distance when I think about it. I was sooo nervous, but it was such an awesome and liberating experience! On that day I never thought I would get this far in the porn industry, but I am glad I have, and thankful for every minute of it 😀

Now, if you don’t remember that solo here are some photos to remind you ;D

Now lets see where 9 months has gotten me ;D These next photos are from my most recent update on NextDoor Male, where I think there’s quite a difference 😀

First the obvious difference, the shape I’m in. I’ve definitely put on a couple of pounds and got a lot more serious about my workouts and my diet.

I was really happy and excited to do this solo for that specific reason, I couldn’t wait to show the difference and the results of all the hard work that I had put into my body, and how different I looked and acted in front of the camera as well! I think it’s safe to say that I am more comfortable in front of the camera now than I was for my first solo 😀

I think that also comes across in the photos 😀 Especially in this next one, probably one of my favorites to date ;D

I only hope to be able to do another post in 9 months, and to be posting photos of myself even more improved than I am now! Wish me luck on that ;D


But next, I also have some photos from a scene that came out last week on NextDoor Buddies. My third scene ever filmed!!! My solo was my first, my P.O.V. with Mason Wyler was my second, and this scene with Phenix Saint was my third 😀 This scene is pretty much along the same lines as the previous two, nervous as hell and I’m sure it shows lol

This was at the beginning of my career and when I first began to truly explore my sexuality. I wasn’t comfortable sucking dick yet, much less on camera. As it turns out, I kinda like it ;D But I’m also a very mutual person, so if you suck mine I’m more than happy to return the favor 😀

Unfortunately for Phenix, that wasn’t the case at that time, and I’m not too sure how well I would’ve done sucking a fat cock like his either! He’s probably lucky I didn’t attempt it then lol I would’ve been a total teeth scraper 😦








This was a fun scene to shoot and a good first experience for being in front of the camera with another person for full body and face shots. Phenix was an awesome scene partner, and very patient with me, which was greatly appreciated!

I know this blog post isn’t too crazy or too interesting 😦 But I’ve definitely got some stuff in the works I can’t wait to tell you all about!!!

hungandthick24@SamuelOtoolexXx I’m jonesing for some Sammy :-/ I need my fix!!!’5 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to SamuelOtoolexXx

Well, I better finish this up! lol But like I said, next week I’ll definitely have something a little more intrigueing for you all! ;D

I hope you all enjoy this blog post and these scenes as much as I enjoyed making them and writing it!!!

Happy Jerking!!! ;D


P.S. Wow, the fucking lay out never comes out right in the final publishing!!! AARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!

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Folsom Virginity

On September 26, 2010 I lost my Folsom St. Fair virginity, and it was fucking AWESOME!!! I had a blast! Although I spent most of my time at the Nextdoor Studios booth, I saw all kinds of awesome and crazy outfits, the lack of outfits, and some pretty awesome events! Let me give you a bit of a play by play of that days events for me 😀

If you went to Folsom, you’d recognize him as the guy I was walking around with, yeah, the guy with Big Boy on the back of his briefs lol Can you say new nickname? 😀

Jay Cloud is another good friend of mine from porn. This guy is such a sweetheart and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, super polite. Plus, his baby face and blue eyes are to die for ;D

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I love Eddie Izzard, the guy is hilarious! This does have a point to make lol Whenever I’m in SF and I’m looking around at all the architecture,and I can’t help but think of him! His stand up show that he did in SF where it was recorded, I’ve probably seen about a bajillion times, that’s right, a fucking bajillion! I don’t know how many zeros, I just know it’s a lot.

Now, when we finally got the booth set up we had assembled quite the cast of porn stars. We had myself, Tyler Torro, Marcus Mojo(formerly/currently known as Landon Mycles), Jay Cloud, and James Jamesson! Quite a handful of sexy young studs!

(From Left)Samuel O'toole, Tyler Torro, Marcus Mojo, Jay Cloud, James Jamesson

Yeah, I know, Marcus is SHREDDED!!! We were joking with him that he’s not going to get any work that shredded, none of the tops will want to shoot with a bottom that looks that damn good! ;D But anyways, like I said, we had some damn good looking guys there that day 😀

Now, like most people, I’m just an average person, so this was quite the experience for me. I was at the fair, basically just hanging out, and completely taken aback by the fact that people wanted to take pictures with me and would stop by to say hello to me, and would turn all giddy and retarded when I saw some of my favorite porn stars. In fact, let me show you.

First up, the man, the myth, the legend, Matthew-Fucking-Rush!!! That’s right! I totally paparazzi’d him as we went strolling by my booth! At this point, I was so star struck and in awe that he was that damn close to me, I couldn’t even get up the nerve to go up to him and talk to him and ask for a photo. I sat at my booth and shot across the Colt and Falcon booth to get a couple more photos lol

But as I saw him walking by to leave, my ovaries dropped and I manned up and asked him if I could take a photo with him! Can you believe it?! He said Yes! 😀 Well, I guess you can since he actually stood next to me for the photo ;D He’s an awesome guy and truly larger than life!

Now, it doesn’t stop there. Oh no, I got to meet Samuel Colt as well! Well, technically I met him on Thursday at Prison Break, but I was so star struck I literally said hello, got a hug, and ran away lol Which I am thoroughly embarrassed about! So today I saw him by our booth, and figured I’d say hello again, and not run away this time, in fact I got a photo with him and Alessio Romero!

 As you can tell by the non-badass grin on my face, I am totally happy to be there lol

Now, this next individual isn’t actually a porn star, at least I don’t think, but is still a LEGEND in the gay porn industry. Another person, I never thought I would ever have an opportunity to meet, Mr. Pam!!!

So when I wasn’t oogling some of my favorite porn stars, and a legend of the industry at the next booth over, I found some time to take photos with, or of, people I found to be exceptionally interesting 😀

First off, the dog masks! Fucking awesome! lol When I had the chance to walk around, I saw tons of them, but didn’t have the opportunity to get a photo with one till I found a calm in the storm.


Probably my most favorite photo of the day has to be when I spotted this lady.


How could I NOT get a photo with her?! I’m boob height, AND they’re bigger than my head! Literally!!! Now I know what they mean when they talk about boobs that could suffocate you to death! Much appreciation for the photo opp. though ;D


Now, this next slurry of photos doesn’t really have any kind of stories to go with them, these are just a few of the awesome outfits, lack of outfits, and things I got to see at the Folsom St. Fair. Next year, I hope to see more ;D













Now, I would’ve written a whole shit ton of stuff about all these photos I posted, but you can see by how long it was with just the photos and captions, that you’d be sitting here for a few hours reading my mindless blabbering and excited school girl statements about all the cool shit that went down at Folsom. At least for the next couple of weeks, if not months, this is by far the best experience I have had because of my Great Porn Adventure!!!! If I wasn’t hooked on being a sexual deviant and living my life the way I want to before, I sure as hell am now!

I had an awesome time in SF for the Folsom St. Fair, and I’m glad I was able to be there to meet old and new fans, some of my favorite porn stars, have some eye-opening experiences, and to learn about tolerance and being open about who you are and flying your freak flag! 😀 If you ever get the chance to go to a street fair like Folsom, I highly suggest you go! Have fun with the one life you were given ;D

All in all though, the experience wiped me out lol and kicked my butt! Literally and figuratively! But I had a blast! I look forward to seeing you all again at next years Folsom St. Fair 😀

Once again! I hope you all enjoy reading about my adventures at Folsom as much as I enjoyed having them! Till next time!!!


P.S. I’m not too sure who took these butt photos on my camera, but I figured you guys would like them ;D


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Favorite past time

People Watching! I’m not sure if that’s the technical term or what, but that’s what I call it. Most of you probably thought I was going to say jerking off, well, that is a favorite pastime of mine, but this is one I can do in public ;D

Urban Dictionary defines People Watching as “A Hobby in which you go out and watch people. The way they act, dress, & talk. Like bird watching except with people. Very entertaining.” and I whole heartedly agree 😀

I live in a fairly small town, with very liberal outlooks on life, so there is no shortage of characters. Unfortunately, I don’t have photos of the people I see when I people watch, but I would love to describe one of my favorites to you.

The first would have to be “the cat man”. He is a fairly regular person that I get to watch, this individual is probably in his late 50’s early 60’s, and walks around town in some very short shorts, some good ol’ jogging shorts from the 70’s 😀 Knee high tube socks and everything, his outfit alone is quite a sight to see. You’re probably wondering by now as to why he is called “the cat man”. Well, he walks around town with a cat carrier in one hand, and an empty bird-cage in the other, professing to any that will listen “My cat ate my bird!”. At this point people generally tend to turn around real quick and speed walk, if not sprint, away in fear. But generally he is a harmless character, I’ve yet to see  him, or hear of him, become aggressive. But it’s still a good idea to keep your distance ;D

Depending on who you plan to watch, you may or may not want to pick an inconspicuous vantage point. If you’re planning on watching the casualties of the LSD experimentation era, I’d say you want to keep a nice distance. It’s nice to hear sometimes, but most of what they’re going to be saying isn’t going to be making much sense anyways.

But the people you can watch won’t always be as intense as “the cat man”, in fact I tend to sit in a “high traffic” section of the school I go to during my breaks. This gives me an opportunity to watch as many people as I can in a short amount of time. I’ve got mad AD.. Oh! Shiny Object!!!

Oh yeah, sorry, butterfly chasing…. I’ve got mad ADD, so people watching in a location where there’s going to be a bunch of people walking around is awesome! I can rapid fire my thoughts. “Oh, I wouldn’t have worn that if I were her.” “Damn dude! Time for a girlfriend upgrade!” “Damn! I wanna see them have sex!” “I wonder what they’d say if I asked them to do porn with me?” “Is he metro or gay? Should I ask?” My eyeballs have probably got “the clap” with how many people I eye fuck throughout the day lol But hey, I’d rather eye fuck than real fuck, and get the real “clap”.

So yeah, all kinds of random shit lol Now you can see why I’m always going off on random tangents! My mind never stops! True to stereotypical male fashion, there are generally two things on my mind. The next time I’ll be eating, and sex. I know, “Damn it, Sammy!” making us look like jack asses! I can’t help it though, I like to eat and I like to have sex…. I’ve just never tried them at the same time. Well, I take that back, Tommy and I did eat those cum covered grapes ;D Does that count?

What were we talking about? Ah, yes, people watching. If you’ve got time to burn, it’s a great past time. It’s free, except for the cup of coffee or sandwich you buy to keep your hands busy while you watch, and it’s always fun to run with your imagination. I have a friend who will sit in a crowded coffee shop or restaurant and make up scenarios or stories for the interactions of the people he sees. Sometimes he’ll write them down, and they get pretty damn funny lol

So the next time you’re sitting at home, bored off your ass and not sure what to do, people watch ;D It’s better than sitting at home watching TV, right?

I don’t have any eye candy to add to this post, but definitely soon ;D and I’ve got some cool things planned for the future in terms of my blog…. and other things ;D One of them being a video blog portion! What I would like to do is answer your questions! So send me e-mails asking me literally anything and everything! It doesn’t have to be about porn, it could be about the conversion formula for celsius to farenheit, I don’t know. Just ask ;D

Well, not quite what some of you were expecting, sorry, but I do hope you enjoyed this nice random post about a favorite pastime of mine! As always, I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!


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Broad Spectrum

Hey everybody!

I think it’s probably been about a month since my last blog entry, and a lot has happened since then! I’ve been to work for JetSet, done some scenes for NextDoor Studios, school started for me, and two really hot scenes came out! Those are probably the really big things, along with the pleasures and trials of everyday life ;D

Soooo, along with being a part time gay erotic film personality, or a pornstar if you want the shorter term ;D (@TheMatthewRush), and a part time Personal Trainer, I am a full time student! I’m actually going back to school this time for my second degree!

My first degree was an Associates degree in Fire Science, I went through a fire academy, and worked as an EMT-B for a while as well. I thought I wanted to save the world for awhile there, and then it came down to dropping $6,000 for the Paramedic academy and busting my ass applying to what seemed like every fire department in the state of California, in an economy and state that is laying off just about every fire fighter or public safety personnel they can afford to. Wrong career choice. Plus, I got burnt out. I wasn’t doing what I wanted to be doing 😦 I wanted to be fighting fire, pulling people out of burning cars, saving lives. Instead I’d work 48 hr. shifts for a medical transport company, that would send me on the longest transports ever (San Francisco to Sonora, can be a 5 hr. drive one way) at like 3 a.m. I met a lot of great people and had some great times, but it wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life.

So I decided to go back to school and get a more applicable degree. I picked business, and I’m not really sure why. Agggghhhh! I know, but I needed to pick something that would be broad enough to where I could take it anywhere, besides I can always minor in something fun. Like underwater basket weaving ;D

So yeah, full time student 😀 I’m taking a financial accounting class, which I’m confused as to why they call it financial accounting. I always kinda assumed that accounting had to do with financial things, go figure lol Then my business law class, way easier than it sounds. No homework at all 😀 Then yoga, gotta keep limber for all the fun sex positions ;D and then Judo! Judo is a blast! I used to wrestle when I was in high school, which I did pretty well at, so I’m picking up Judo pretty quick. Four years of varsity collegiate wrestling, with Greco-Roman and Freestyle during the summers will do that to you ;D I was a short little skinny kid in my singlet before, maybe we’ll show you what I look like in one now 😀 and then I also have an online class that’s Intro. to business, which is way harder than it should be 😦 Too much reading, I’d rather have an in class lecture than read a lecture word for word. Lecture notes would be better than word for word, but that’s just my learning style 😀

But enough about boring old books and school ;D Lets talk about the good stuff! Porn! Naked people! ;D First I’m going to give you guys the behind the scenes on a scene that many of you would be surprised to hear that I actually did! I did a scene where I received a bj from Jake Cruise!

Whoa, whoa, whoa….. Whoa! You did what with an older man?! Yes, yes I did ;D This goes back to me being a sex hippy, and a little known fact about me. I’m sexually active outside of porn, but with a very small group of people. There’s like 4 of us that play together on occasion, and 1 I play with regularly. He’s about Jake Cruise’s age too ;D What can I say? He’s a cool guy, a good looking stud, a great friend, and we’re two horny sons of bitches. It’s a great friendship ;D So yes, I have no problem with getting it on with an older man, or woman 😀 When I was 19 I was dating a 39 year old mom with two kids. They were 15 and 13, and loved hanging out with me. I know sounds crazy, but it was a blast! Oh, sorry, tangents again lol Back to porn!

So there I was doing a scene with Jake Cruise 😀 That guy is awesome! He’s a chill, laid back guy, and very professional, which I’m sure any of us would like from an employer ;D Plus he’s a GREAT cock sucker ;D So men tend to be better at sucking cock than women, sorry ladies it’s an unfair advantage, and older men are better than just about everybody lol So before any of you write off the older man who’s after you, take that into consideration ;D The orgasm you’ll have is like an out of body experience lol

So the title of this blog entry is Broad Spectrum, because my scene partners are on quite the spectrum. Anywhere from Jake Cruise, to some very young 18 year olds 😀 and some other young men in between, like the studly Tommy D ;D

First off, Tommy is one of the hottest men I have ever had the pleasure to do any kind of sexual act with. He is such a stud, and very passionate as well. I had a blast doing this scene with him! The general idea of the scene is Tommy and I were standing around in the kitchen chit chatting, and started to snack on some bananas. Of course bananas being the phalic symbols that they are, we whip out our dicks and compare them to the bananas lol Boys and their toys ;D

Like I’ve said before, kissing is one of my FAVORITE things to do, I love kissing ;D and Tommy D is an awesome kisser! He’s such a passionate guy, and you can tell he loves to make sure that gets across in his scenes, and I was feeling it! I loved kissing him, he has such soft skin and lips. His skin is soft, but his muscles are solid! and he has such a cute ass too ;D

This was an awesome scene! Tommy and I kissed a bunch, he sucked me for a bit, and you get some extras in the video that you won’t with the pictures ;D

Foot fetish anyone? So in the video, I actually feed Tommy D some grapes, this is where things get interesting ;D I fed Tommy some grapes with my feet! Now, I’m normally not into feet all that much, but Tommy made it look sooo hot! Now, if you have a cum and food fetish, you’re going to love the ending to this scene!

Tommy and I finish off the scene with us jerking off on the counter watching each other, which I loved! I’m a total voyeur! I may not be into some things, but I love watching people get off to the things they’re in to ;D Agghhhh! Tangents, so, we’re on the counter jerking off watching each other, and when we cum, we came on the plate of grapes that we had from when I was feeding Tommy! We both came on them, and we both ate them ;D

It was hot! This is the first time I’ve ever eaten anything with cum on it, and the first time I’ve eaten another guys cum! I’m glad it was from such a stud like Tommy ;D

So August was quite the busy month for me, and September gets even crazier!

The Folsom St. Fair is coming up, and it’s going to be my first time! I’ve been popping a lot of 1st time cherries lately, but this is definitely going to be one of the biggest! This is going to be my first festival I’ve attended in SF, and my first ever erotic event, and the first event that I’ll be working an event! That’s right! If you go to the Folsom St. Fair ( on September 26th, 2010 you can come meet me at the NextDoor Studios booth! I’d love to meet as many of you as I can, so feel free to stop by and say hello! If I’m not at the booth, I’m most likely going to be walking around checking out the sights for myself. From what I’ve heard, there’s quite a lot to take in ;D

I’m also going to be part of the GayVN kick off party Prison Break! September 23rd, 2010 you’ll be able to find myself and  some of the other hot men from NextDoor Studios at The Endup in SF (! I’m really looking forward to this one! It’s going to be a blast! No word yet on whether I’ll be at Lockdown the after party, but that’s still up in the air 😀

I’m super excited about the Folsom St. Fair and Prison Break because I can’t wait to see everyone who can make it out! I get some great interactions with all of you through here at my blog, my facebook, twitter, and e-mail, but it’s going to be great to put some faces to the names, and just get to see some faces in general lol

Once again I hope you enjoy these scenes as much as I enjoy making them!

Looking forward to seeing you all at Prison Break and the Folsom St. Fair!

Keep it jerking ;D


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